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Default Should I appeal this one?

What do you all think on this one? I don't think I agree with the backlighting rejection but I would like to see what everybody else thinks. Do you all really think this is backlit or is this just kind of the catch all since there are probably a million NS wide cab shots already in the database?

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Don't get hung up on the name of the rejection...you have to read the details:

- Poor lighting (Backlit): The image is backlit or doesn't feature enough nose light on the subject.

So in this case, it's not backlit, but it's more side lit giving you half the nose in good light. And this is something they've gotten more picky about in the last year or so.

I wish they'd have a Poor Lighting (Sidelit): Not enough nose light rejection because as it stands now, it's confusing to folks...
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I will - yet again! aargh - point out that this rejection is not just "backlit" but is also "doesn't feature enough nose light on the subject" and in fact that is what you have. No one ever seems to get to the latter part of this rejection phrasing.

[Aside to admin - again! - adjust the wording on this rejection!]

Half of the nose is in shadow. No biggie? I happen to agree! Nonetheless, that is the standard at RP. Especially for a ordinary wedgie shot.
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Hey, is there an echo in here?
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Why do people not understand that rejection? It seems pretty self evident to me with the first two words: POOR LIGHTING.

As in the lighting is NOT GOOD. It's poor. Poor as in not rich, not good.

Ryan, why did you think this shot was rejected because of the kind of power on point?

Sometimes a rejection is pretty self explanatory.

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I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.
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Originally Posted by MILWfan
I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.
Outside of the lighting rejection, I see a lot of digital noise in the shaded part of the plow.
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I love side lit, gives some character with the away side being darker. I've gotten lots of images in like that. And realistically the lighting could be slightly towards the front of the train and still not get the far side of the angled front end. Make sense? So it could actually be front lit, just not enough to the front to please a screener or light both sides of the nose.

And on this photo sun is evident on both sides of the plow, APPEAL!

The staff really needs to fine tune some of it's rejection generalities.
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Sometimes it is hard to get perfect light on the nose especially with angled noses. It would seem to me like they gave it a poor lighting boot because if the nose was totally lit it would make it in. If the location were a little more scenic or had another well lit element to it then a half lit nose would probably make it in. As is they feel a better shot could have been had, be it in the lighting or the location. Since the lighting is the problem with the particular shot it falls into a poor light rejection. It can be a little confusing I know.

Is it just me or do the trees/ bushes about a third of the way up on the left side look just a little off. I'm not calling it out or anything, so please don't take it that way! They seem like the texture is repeated over and over again from an erase.
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