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Default Please Help With Unlevel Horizon

I have had this photo docked a couple of times for the horizon being unlevel.


I'm doing my best to level it but when I think I have it, the screeners think otherwise. It doesn't help the fact that it looks like whoever put up all of the poles sticking out of the ground had a few too many last night. I am trying to use the signal cabinet on the left hand side to align the horizon as I figure of all of the structures in the shot, this is the one most likely to be level. Any help would be appreciated.
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Darryl Rule
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Did you appeal this shot? If so, did you put in the appeal what you were using as your point of reference for the shot being level. I have had a few rejections for unlevel horizon, and when I appeal it, I just tell the screeners what I was basing the level off of, and most have gotten in on appeal.

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If nothing in a photo screams grade or banked curve, I use the lines of the locomotive since that would make it the most pleasing to the eye. There are exceptions to this when the train is not the maine subject in this case it is or it is a wide angle shot with distortion. I would use the vertical on the nose of the locomotive for this one.
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The piss poor photoshop chop job to downplay the shadow on the nose isn't helping the cause either
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It certainly appears to be unlevel to me judging by both the crossing arm to the right of the train and the actual train itself. This could have been avoided by letting the train get in front of that crossing which also would have pulled the third loco out from being partially behind the crossing gate to the left which is a distraction.

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I can't settle on an angle of rotation that I love. Was this a wide angle shot?

Personally, I can mentally deal with a leaning train over several leaning crossing poles..

good luck on this one..

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Perhaps Escher designed this crossing!
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Generally heavy structural elements have true verticals. The crossing flasher mast is most likely vertical, as is the crossing gate mast on the far side. Since they are angling apart, that's caused by lens perspective distortion. I would put a grid on the shot and split the difference between the two. Or use lens distortion correction in Photo Shop.

That said, the shot has the far side flasher mast growing out of the cab roof, the chain across the access road obstructing the fuel tank and lots of wires overhead. It's not going to be a great shot, even if you get it looking level. I'd find someplace else to shoot.

Michael Allen
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