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Default Bad File Name

Got a new rejection i've never seen before:

- Bad Filename: Using characters other than A-Z and 0-9 in your filename can cause problems with our system.

I save all my photos the same, this one being no different. I've never come across this rejection. Any ideas?


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We have no way of knowing what the name of your file was; the filename assigned to the picture in the rejection is auto-created by the RP software.
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Several months a go they made some changes to what the file name can be, When I uploaded a shot I just used the number the camera assigned to it, but when one got rejected I would start from scratch and add -1 or -2 (depending how many times I tried resubmit) to the original file number, after much head scratching I figured it out you could no longer use dashes - along with the others mentioned.
If I remember right, I couldn't get it to even upload, it just would give you that notice.

as stated on the upload page;
Note: Filenames containing non-standard characters, such as parenthesis (), asterisks *, brackets [], etc. are not compatible with our database. Please remove non-standard characters and symbols from filenames prior to upload.

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I have accidentally uploaded .psd files instead of the .jpg version, maybe that is what you did.
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