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Mike B.
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Originally Posted by lock4244
1) If you don't share your work, why bother shooting?
Because it's enjoyable. I don't photograph railroads so I can share the results, I do it because I enjoy it.

Originally Posted by lock4244
3) I love the fame, money, and women I get from exposure here!
I'm still waiting for the check...
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Mike, I think everyone out there shooting trains enjoys doing it, but there is also the need to share. The urge to show someone a shot you've taken that is either very well done or featuring unique equipment, rare stuff, etc. Been my experience that the GF can only fake an interest in my work for so long. You need an outlet that is like minded.
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Rich K
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I think that part of the reason I submit photos here is that as a person becomes more skilled in railroad photography they grow weary of posting their shots at sites that accept everything regardless of quality. Maybe it is a version of the old "birds of a feather flock together" adage that drives us to want to interact with and be included in a group of like minded individuals who are willing to "work" at their craft in order to become competent enough to have their efforts make the cut at RP.

This site is well known for it's stringent standards. I personally am aquainted with several railfans who don't even attempt to get their work included here. Some of these folks say things like "man, you've got to be a really good photographer to get on that site" and others say "I don't like that site. They are too picky." The ones who are trying to take better photographs say they former, and the ones who are pretty much poor photographers say the latter in my experience.

Personally, I visited this site many times before I ever submitted my first picture (which was turned down of course). I was very impressed with what I saw at RP, so much so that I made it sort of a goal to become a good enough photographer to get work accepted here. Every rejection made me more determined to succeed, so I was (and still am) in fact using RailPictures as a benchmark for my work.

If it were not for the help of several individuals on this forum I don't know if I would even have one shot in the database as yet. I have learned from the photos that I have view here, but I feel I have learned even more from this forum and the people who take the time to help others by posting information, commenting, and constructively criticizing each others photos.

I still shoot for myself. I still shoot in less than perfect conditions, and I still place some stuff on sites like LocoPhotos and Railroad Picture Archives that I know won't cut it here, but I love the feeling of getting a shot accepted at RailPictures on the first try.
Rich K

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Well I have been taking railway pictures for over 20 years, mainly because I enjoy it, and also to record things that I have seen and done - it all becomes history at some point.

I had been thinking about putting some of my pictures online for some time, but (being lazy) could not be bothered with learning all the technical things in order to make my own website.

When I found this site (thanks Gary ), it looked ideal to post some of my better efforts to. Despite now having my own easy to use site (see signature), I still like the "challenge" of posting pictures here.
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Originally Posted by lock4244
Reasons I submit photos here are:

1) If you don't share your work, why bother shooting?
Because it is rather enjoyable, and I do it for my own excitement. I shoot shots that other people admire, and I think they are terrible, and hence they get deleted. I shoot shots I think are cool, but get no response from anyone, and I keep them. This isn't about what others think, it's about what I think. I have boxes of pics never seen by many, probably never will be. I have digital shots never seen by anyone at all.

Originally Posted by lock4244
2) RP.net is where the quality shots go.
True, and I agree, although this issue is sometimes funny. I had 600+ shots on railpictures.net at one time. I took them all down. I don't know how many people gave me the "I can't believe you took all your shots down from railpictures......" These people knew the pics were posted on another site anyway. I simply told them to look there, the pictures were the same as they were on RP, with a bunch of bonus extras that didn't make it here or were never submitted. Changing websites did not alter the digital image in any way. They acted like the quality (which is arguable) of my shots was somehow compromised because they were not displayed in a venue known for its quality.

Click on n691lf.rrpicturearchives.net for a good laugh and waste of your time.
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Originally Posted by Northern Limits
I wish I could say, "I post because I take such great shots." But in reality, submitting photos and going through the rejection/correction process has been an incredible learning process.
There are some extremely talented photographers submitting to this website, and RP has high standards. So I submit photos here because it helps me grade my progress as a (rail) photog, and it forces me to think about what I'm doing when I'm out in the field.
Same here. I am certainly not a good photographer compared to many of the others that submit photos to the site, but it's nice to see that some of my shots are good enough to make the cut on a site that's generally regarded as the best rail photography site.

I'd definitely be a much worse photographer if it weren't for learning from my rejections here. When I first started to submit photos here, most of them were rejected. Looking back now, I can't believe I even bothered to submit them. I still get quite a few rejections, but I learn from almost every one.
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Originally Posted by jdirelan87
If anything it would be easier to get away with that on a small personal site like yours simply because no one ever looks at those sites.

As a matter of fact, I view his page on a somewhat regular basis. Why? Because it deals with a subject that I am interested in. To say that nobody ever looks at those sites is an idiotic response. There will always be people out there interested in any website that is published online. And for your criticizing what Mike has to say, IGNORE IT. We're all here to discuss our various topics and we all have the right to say what we want, within reason, and I feel that Mike has not crossed any boundaries.

Anyway, back to the topic. Although I currently only have 3 photos in the database, I post my pictures here just for the sake that somebody in the future could happen to come across my photos and reminisce about how things used to be or to simply learn about what railroading of today was about. I know that I enjoy looking back on the older photos that people have contributed because it allows me the opportunity to sort of experience what it was like to see a long gone locomotive or a line that has since vanished.
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Originally Posted by foss0244
To say that nobody ever looks at those sites is an idiotic response.
Relatively speaking, it's quite true, and just simply a figure of speech.
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