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Default New siding in service on CSX River Line

The new anticipated siding at Fort Montgomery, NY on the CSX River Line is now in service. The new siding shows as 10,000 feet in length and extends between mileposts QR 45.2 and QR 43.0 from North to South. The catch to this new siding is that they did not name the new "CP" locations with CP numbers, as acustomed to the rest of former Conrail territory. The North end of the siding has been dubbed "North End of Fort Montgomery" and the South end "South End of Fort Montgomery". Kinda makes sense, aye? The maximum authorized speed on the new siding is a whopping 30 MPH, which they have not attained yet. They started trains out at 10 MPH but increased the speed up to 25 MPH yesterday (March 6). After they run enough tonnage through the siding, they'll max it out at 30 MPH.

They have also replaced some intermediate signals. The old intermediate signals at mileposts QR 38.2, QR 40.2, QR 41.9, QR 43.8, QR 46.3, and QR 48.3 have been retired. New intermediate signals have been installed at mileposts QR 38.3, QR 41.0, QR 47.2, and QR 49.2. New slide detector fences have also been installed at mileposts QR 43.9, QR 43.6, and QR 43.2.

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