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Default The latest B&H toy catalog...

Some new toys that have shown up in the March catalog:

* Canon EOS-1D II (8.2 megapixel) - $4496 (I'm drooling over this one)
* Epson Stylus Pro 4000 printer (17" wide paper, archival inks) - $1800
* Nikon Coolscan V film scanner - $600
* Nikon Coolscan 5000 film scanner (higher performance) - $1100
* Photoshop CS - $600 (I don't think Adobe has ever changed the price of their flagship)

I also noticed that LCD digital projectors are coming down slightly in price - they're more in the $900 to $2000 range now. Oh yeah, B&H is now selling night vision goggles as well.

This catalog rocks! Now if I can find a bank to rob...

Mark S. Wurst
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