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Default Which one is level?

Neither of these is my shot, so this is just a matter of curiosity as it relates to the constant nitpicking of unlevel shots here on RP. Which of these is the level one?

Image © Shelley Hunter
PhotoID: 492359
Photograph © Shelley Hunter


Image © Steve Crise
PhotoID: 492466
Photograph © Steve Crise

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I'd rather have the signal leaning than the loco, so #2 wins IMO.
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Neither one of them are right. I may be the minority here, but I feel that in the year 2014, having to pick one part of the scene to be level and damning the rest is half ass photography. I say that as a generalized statement, and not an attack on either photographer linked in this thread.

Your mileage will vary

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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
having to pick one part of the scene to be level and damning the rest is half ass photography.
Hey, someone gets it!
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