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Default 6 hours in Toledo Ohio

Went to Toledo Ohio with a buddy of mine to meet up with another buddy. we then spent the next 6 hours watching trains in toledo. This town is great for trains but confusing as hell if your not in the know as to where each line goes. We stoped at all the local yard... caught trains from the csxt, ns and wheeling and lake erie.. which, I might add, his conductor apperentally did not like railfans as he made a jesture to my buddy who i thought who have liked to ahve ripped his head off... anyways...we saw alot of the branchlines in the area.... I took pics from an old bridge near the amtrak station and NS crew change point. a NS crew thought it'd be funny to try to blow my ears out as they blew their horn directly under me which no crossing in sight. (was not our day yesterday). anyways... for a complete list of what we saw...including wrecked 2621, and both chessie units as well as a ton of other things...click the link here and go to the message board. you need not be a member although your all welcome to join for free. go to the bay city section, you'll find my trip report a work in progress as my buddy is going to add later as he gets time where all we went as i got confused early out... i'll also be adding pics as i get them edited. have a great new year everyone...see you in 2006.......

Link....... www.railroadfan.com
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