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Gregg Pullano
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Default Cropping advice?

Gregg R. Pullano
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Wow, beats me. I think the poles and the signal gantry make the shot, and there isn't a lotta dead space at top or bottom. Perhaps it isn't quite the right dimensions (seems a li'l square). I'd appeal and request clarification. Sometimes you'll get a hint that way.

Good luck.
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Christopher Muller
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I'm surprised it didn't get cut because of the distracting shadow that hits the right side of the engine...
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It's probably more because the subject is smack dab in the middle of the shot. Even with the signal bridge, the photo feels lopsided...
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The only thing I could venture a guess on is: crop up to the ladder on the signal structure.
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I'd crop out the poles on the left altogether. The train would be more towards the left of the photo, but I think that would make for a better photo. IMO, the poles detract from this photo.
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