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Gregg Pullano
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Default Save CSX 4617

I'm going to support this petition 100% and I'm going to ask everyone here to please sign it.
If nothing else, I feel that 4617 should at least be preserved because it is a straight SD40, and so far, from the research I've done, no SD40s have yet to be preserved in any museums, or on any tourist lines.
I know that there is a big chance that this won't work, but we can still try!
Gregg R. Pullano
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I signed it, you are going to need A LOT of signatures for anything though.

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Just signed it too. Good luck with it.
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Mark Rosnick
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Default Save this locomotive!!!

I signed the petition...good luck with CSX
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Unfortunately there is a rather small chance of preservation of this locomotive, unless you are ready to cut a check for a fairly large amount of cash. Currently scrap metal is going for $200-$250 per ton.

Over the last few years, the EMD SD40's have become quite popular with Shortline/Regional railroads and leasing corporations. Those companies usually have first rights for purchasing retired locomotives. Anyways, this locomotive most likely has several years of service left and could even be chosen to be rebuilt.

The other major thing regarding this is the lack of management and control behind this request of donation. From reading what is online regarding this, it does not appear that there is any clue what to do after publicly announcing, "lets go save this locomotive, blah, blah, blah..." Looking at this, I do not see an "official party of interest" in any of this. What does that mean? It means no museum or organization has taken interest in preservation of this "object". Also, by publicly announcing it this way, you basically can lose control of the whole thing. You could now have several unknown people pestering CSX, or multiple people saying send it here or there. Usually it's best to keep projects like this private and out of public light until needed. When a railroad is dealing with a possible donation, you usually have to play by their rules. Which means no bullsh*t. If someone was to start screwing around or playing games. You can basically kiss the whole thing goodbye. Putting up with BS is the last thing a corporation will do, during a process of donation.

Anyways, I guess you really haven't done your research. Currently there are three EMD SD40 type locomotives preserved. Canadian Pacific 5500 at the Revelstoke Railway Museum, Union Pacific 9950 in Barstow and Amtrak 644, an SDP40F in Portland,Oregon. Also, if you look at csx.com, you'd see the following...

Q. Does CSX donate material or equipment?
A. The following is an excerpt from the President's Statement of Department's Mission and Responsibilities: "Donations of any building, property, equipment, materials, or other tangible items are not to be considered for any reason. Until this policy is revised, surplus assets of any kind will be sold by the Manager-Investment Recovery."

If you truly want to try to preserve this locomotive, I'd be contacting a organization which has had a good record with CSX and show interest in preservation of the locomotive and be prepared to start fundraising. Which leads to while another problem... People like to say "oh, lets save this locomotive" and when it comes time to do so or fundraise their long gone... Ah.. The fun of real railway preservation....

Sorry to be so harsh, but things needed to be said. I hate seeing official attempts at preservation of a "object" by a honest/true organization get screwed up by people trying to stroke their egos.

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