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Default Thoughts on two rejections

Every time I get a rejection I think of that Capitol One card commercial with that mid evil guy that says REJECTED!!!

I am of course saying that in jest

OK I was going through some older stuff and came up with this


Now I got rejected for horizon un level and then fixed that (so I thought) and got rejected again. Which way should I try to turn it?

Got dinged on cropping on this one:


Any thoughts, ideas, etc always appreciated.


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Both look like they should be turned Counterclockwise.

Part of the problem with the second shot is that there's little room in front of the locomotive.
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Shot number one could maybe use a tad of CCW rotation, based on the telephone poles in the background. At the same time, you might include a note to make sure the screener isn't being fooled by the fact that the train is going downgrade a bit.

As for the second one, it seems to me that the lead loco is a bit too close to the edge of the frame, although they could also have dinged you for composition/balance because the train is perfectly centered in the photo, so maybe it's really a rule of thirds issue.

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