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Default Patriot Rail

Hi, I don't normally post here but came across this little snippet of news about Patriot Rail operating services on the P&N in North Carolina.

Sorry if it is old news, but I thought it might be of interest.
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Thank you for the post, Janet, and feel free to join us on the shortline forum any time. This line has been up in the air for some time, and is a long and drawn out story. Basically, a local businessman worked to revive the line but was ultimately not selected to operate it by the authority owning the tracks. The Carolina Coastal was named an interim operator until a permanent operator could be found. That operator is Patriot Rail.

I don't believe the CLNA ever turned a wheel in the 6 months they had the line. There are no online customers that I am aware of at this point, only some car storage. CLNA may have moved around some storage cars at some point, but I didn't hear if they actually did.

Hopefully Patriot Rail can make a go of the line and build a customer base. It is a rare thing to see rail lines revived, and hopefully this will demonstrate a good business case for doing so.
Mike Derrick

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